1 Year, 3 Days

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Bit of a crazy day... Things started off a bit off-kilter, as Henry woke twice during the night and then woke up for good a bit early. He enjoyed playing with JT so much that i couldn't sleep in like i normally do. I thought Henry was upset and crying but when i got up to check on him he was just so excited and happy playing with Dad. By 7:30 he was clearly tired so i put him down for an early nap. This delayed getting to daycare but i'm glad i did it because it may well have been his best nap of the day.

I picked him up in the early afternoon to take him for his 1 year Dr. Appointment. The appointment went pretty well. She was happy to see his non-physical development right on target, and said he was standing very well. He's also continuing to grow on his little curve and is up to 18 lbs 8 oz. We're supposed to switch him entirely to whole milk and cut down on the amount of liquid calories we give him. Instead, we are supposed to add things like heavy cream, cream cheese, butter, cheese, etc. to all foods that he eats to add calories to what he's already taking. We made a pit stop by the grocery store and hit the dairy aisle pretty hard.

She thought everything looked good though and just wants us to come back for his normal 15 month check-up. He received the Measles, Mumps, Rubella, and Chicken Pox vaccine as well as was tested for TB and anemia. The anemia test came back negative right away, and we check his arm for evidence of TB on Saturday. The vaccine shot was not a big deal but he hated being held down and having his fingers pricked and bled for the other tests. It was the hardest he's cried in ages and not much fun to watch.

He played happily at home though and hopefully will have a decent night.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a good report from the Ped. You all are doing just great together!Have a fun weekend! Sheree