11 Months, 2 Weeks, 5 Days

Now i don't know what to think. Henry slept fine last night, ate a big bottle this morning and had a completely normal day at Brenda's. He came home and did wonderfully in his PT session (he just won't stop trying to pull-up now and loves standing!). After that we went for a walk and met Dad at the store. We came home and got Henry ready for dinner. He seemed really interested in the food but then didn't really want to eat much. He was in super-good spirits but ate a little bit of all the choices we had. After he didn't eat many of his fruit puffs i decided he must really be through. I took the tray off his chair and then whammo, he threw-up everywhere! It was terrible and i'm still nauseas.

We cleaned him up and got him in the bath and he didn't seem any worse for wear. He was definitely tired (which we knew before dinner, PT exhausts him) but was super happy and babbling away.

It could be the stomach bug returning, but it's strange that other than the massive vomiting he seems completely fine. It actually reminds us of his projectile vomiting before his stomach surgery. I've done some online research though and all i can find is that recurrence is "extremely rare." So who knows. I'm worried though and planning on keeping him home with me tomorrow and trying to get him in to the Doctor's in case it is something more serious with his stomach.

Trust me, you're glad there are no pictures today...


Tabitha said...

Hmm. It could be the stomach bug. Their little tummies are sensitive when they have the virus. I don't remember if you said he ate OK at Brenda's but I would stick to pedialyte tonight and maybe in the AM. Give his tummy a chance to rest.

Anonymous said...

At least he's in his usual good mood! It's probably just remnants of the flu, but I'd take him in, too, just for peace of mind. Throwing up is so gross!!! I do hope he's done! Sheree