1 Year, 1 Week, 2 Days

Tonight will probably be my last post in Henry's first home. The packers come tomorrow, and after closing on the new house on Friday, we move in on Saturday. We're doing lots of last minute preparations so that hopefully things go smoothly with the packers, and that includes disassembling the computer. So, likely i won't post again until Monday. We had good news that the sale of our place is moving forward so we're keeping our fingers crossed.

Poor Henry had a bit of a trying day. I forgot until about 5 minutes before his appointment that in addition to his usual PT, he had an appointment with the developmental therapist. I ran to the car and called Brenda while i raced up to get him. Of course he had just gotten to sleep so he started off a bit cranky. He actually did pretty well with the developmental therapist and she gave us lots of great feedback. He is still a little held back by his delayed mobility, and she emphasized a few more exercises we need to do with him to strengthen his shoulders, but she said that he's one bright little guy and doing great in terms of his play skills and communication ability.

He was just so overtired by end of her visit that he fell straight to sleep but only slept about 30 minutes. I tried off and on to see if he would take another nap or at least have some quiet time before PT started with no luck. He did manage to hold it together and then we promptly went out for a walk with JT to get some "stroller coma" action. He obliged and took a decent nap in the stroller. He went to sleep immediately after his dinner, and now we're just hoping he makes it through the night since we have a very busy few days ahead of us.


Tabitha said...

Good luck moving:)

Anonymous said...

Hope the move goes well!