1 Year, 1 Month, 1 Week, 5 Days

We're back home after a Memorial Day visit to friends in Albany, NY. Henry and I went to visit two of my friends from Governor's school in high school. Laurie has a 3.5 year-old daughter and a new baby girl. Leslie lives in NYC and was able to take the train upstate and meet new baby Ella and Henry.

Our visit was wonderful, the flights were not. Going out wasn't too bad. Henry got an afternoon nap in before we left for the airport and although he wanted to get off my lap, i did manage to keep him entertained for the whole flight. At one point i realized that things were only holding his attention for a minute or so and my quick calculations meant i had to come up with 60 more things to stave off a meltdown.

Coming home was really pretty terrible. Henry would have been set to take his nap as soon as we got on the plane. The child is a wonderful sleeper nowadays, but only in his crib (or a similar stand-in). Sleeping on me, in the stroller, in the carseat etc. just doesn't happen.

So, thankfully the flight was only 1 hr 45 minutes, because most of it was spent trying to shush Henry as his cries escalated. I just felt so badly for him because he was tired and he just couldn't do anything about it. Despite my best efforts to soothe him with his stuffed animal and encouragement to suck his thumb, nothing really helped.

We have several weeks before our next flight which i'm going to need. Traveling with just one parent as he gets older is definitely more difficult.

That said, we did have a really fun visit. Henry loved Samantha and was so curious to see what she was going to do next. Samantha asked several times how Henry got so big. I think she's hoping the same thing happens to her "boring" 3 week old sister. Henry was crawling around and pulling up on things at their house and seems like he continues to get more comfortable with these skills in new environments.

We went to the park and build-a-bear workshop and have pictures and firsts to share from both outings later this week.

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