1 Year, 2 Weeks, 1 Day

Henry has been pretty cranky lately. It's no wonder, with the move, three new teeth to cut, and a presumed growth spurt. Still, it makes getting all the settling in a little more challenging when you can't put him down for longer than a few moments at a time.

We've been playing on the front porch the last two nights while we wait for JT to get home. We've met a few neighbors this way and the evening air seems to help Henry stay a little calmer.

With all of his teeth coming in he's really starting to look a little older. I think all the cream cheese and whole cream is starting to have an effect because he's never looked as chubby which helps preserve some of his "babyness."

His hair is really filling in and starting to curl around his ears. We'll be putting off a haircut for as long as possible-- i certainly don't want to force him to grow up any faster than necessary.

Our photo theme for the next bit involves Henry in each space of our house. Tonight's entries feature Henry playing in the living room. You can see things aren't perfect, but they're established enough to feel like home.

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