1 Year, 3 Weeks

Just a quick post to show you the photo documentation of the bookshelf destruction Henry managed to bring yesterday.

Today he had an uneventful day with a nice long nap at Brenda's. We seem to have gotten back on a more satisfactory sleep schedule. Instead of waking at 5:30 and being fully ready to get out his crib by 6, Henry is now grumbling a little at 6:30 or so and then not really waking up until 7:15 or so. The best part is that he wakes up really happy and instead of cries, you hear him talking to himself through the baby monitor.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Henry's first time on report! Looks like he has a bit of the mischevious gene. He is going to be lots of fun in the coming months. Have a good week. Love the house and what a great idea to put Henry in every room. Love, Gran

Anonymous said...

Good job, Henry! I bet he was pretty fast at it,too!The house looks awesome. Have a great day!Sheree