1 Year, 3 Weeks, 1 Day

Quiet day on Henry's behalf but nosiy day on the homefront. We had a work crew here for the better part of the day shoring up the beam issues that we uncovered during our initial inspection of this place. They seem to have completed everything we discussed and things look good. We accepted a bid for our kitchen remodel and have an appointment with a designer to finalize the kitchen layout and order cabinets this weekend. How quickly the cabinets arrive will dictate how soon we can get moving on the kitchen, but hopefully it won't be longer than the mid-June we're hoping for.

Henry had one of his first tastes of our backyard this evening. He and JT came out and sat a spell while i worked on the yard. Henry sat on my sweatshirt because he's not crazy about how grass feels on his skin. In general it seems like he is pretty restrained about putting things in his mouth but it was like he couldn't resist with all the seedlings, sticks and other fun stuff falling from the trees.

Tonight's picture isn't wonderful but it showcases one of Henry's new skills-- clapping and gives you a peak at our "Master Suite."

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Anonymous said...

Yeah for clapping! The master suite looks great, too.