1 Year, 2 Weeks, 6 Days

For those that pop-in infrequently, a few weeks ago i conducted a short poll of site viewers to get some feedback on how often people visit, their favorite part of Good Intent, and what they might want to see changed. The poll is still open by the way, and will remain so for the meantime, so feel free to take the survey if you're interested in letting me know about your
Good Intent feedback.

Although the sample size was small, the results were encouraging. The majority of readers check the site once a day, would like to see more pictures in posts, and appreciate the view into Henry's day the blog provides. Although those responses carried the majority, there were viewers that liked every part of the site and wanted more pictures, fewer pictures, more posts, fewer posts. So, i feel confident in just doing what i've been doing, feeling confident that someone will like it.

We had a busy but wonderful weekend in our new house. We successfully pressed the new lawnmower into service and actually have a decent lawn under all of that tall growth. We bought some "Patchmaster" to fill in a few of the bare spots. We also ripped out all of the existing weeds/day lilies that had taken over the flower beds so that when all of our new plants arrive we'll be ready to sow.

Friends came over on Friday afternoon and helped us purchase and transport a brand-new grill back to our house. Remarkably they managed to set up the grill and cook a meal on it all before 8 pm. Entertaining in our new house was wonderful although things will only be that much better when the kitchen is more workable.

Henry is on a mobility-streak. Over the weekend he started army-crawling from room to room. This was exciting and then meant that we *really* started to understand what baby proofing means. While i was working on Saturday's dinner, Henry hauled himself from the kitchen to the dining room and began pulling the books off the bookshelf. Unfortunately he managed to tear a page out of a book before I got him back into the kitchen.

This morning Henry pushed himself up to sitting from laying on his stomach. This is a very long-overdue skill that we've been working on with him in PT and daily so it was a very exciting accomplishment.


Anonymous said...

Awesome picture! Although Mason does not look too thrilled... Cool- a porch!

Anonymous said...

Well I hereby pronounce you official homeowners. Having mowed the lawn and grilled on your own grill certainly fills two of the "certified homeowner" squares. Henry looks a little chubby in his latest pics. Guess the cream cheese is working. Won't be long before he is motivating all over the yard! Glad you are enjoying your new home! Love, Gran