1 Year, 4 Weeks


So i have some bad news to relate, i'm going to have to take a hiatus for the rest of the week from Good Intent. I'll be out of town for a conference and won't be home until Friday evening. We have swim lessons, a birthday party, and a BBQ to host so the weekend will be jam packed. I also will not have my computer with me in Atlanta, so posting from the road is unlikely.

Leaving is particularly hard for me because Henry came home from Ms. Brenda's today after he threw-up this afternoon. Of course once he got home you wouldn't know he was sick and he didn't have a fever, so we're hoping it's a fluke. Because he's presented this pattern before with stomach ailments, i'm not getting too optimistic. He went to bed fine and hopefully will have a quiet night.

Brenda said all of her kids threw-up when they were teething and Henry does have a new chopper that just started breaking through today on the top. I've never heard this before though, so i might have to chock it up to folk wisdom.

In other news JT and i were served a heart-attack on a platter this evening when we concluded our kitchen design session and were presented with an estimate of $20,000, just for the cabinets (installation and counter tops sold separately). Thankfully she said, "something looks wrong," pushed a button and the estimate was suddenly slashed in more than half, landing with a big sigh in our budget.

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Tabitha said...

Hi, I LOVE the chubby legs! I've been thinking about you guys. Sorry things are so hectic there. Have a safe trip and I hope little H feels better. Could be that stomach bug again, hopefully not though. I'm looking forward to this week-end!

Take care!