1 Year, 1 Month, 1 Week

My computer was offline last night so sorry for the delay in posting this.

Henry and i had a crazy afternoon yesterday. I ordered a whole bunch of flowers and vines for our backyard and they all arrived a few days ago. Yesterday was going to be my best shot at getting them in the ground, so i grabbed a big blanket, spread it on the grass and put Henry down with a few random toys.

He's really getting proficient at this crawling thing, so the first thing he did was start crawling towards the edge of the blanket. I only wish i had my camera for this part. He got to where his next hand placement would be on grass and as he started to put his palm down and felt the grass he wrinkled his face up like he was eating something terrible. Then he'd lift his hand up and start the process over. He did this probably 5 times before he decided that staying on the blanket was fine. He sat himself down and proceeded to play with the toys i had brought out and the empty plant containers as they became available, for an entire hour while i hustled to get the plants in before the impending thunderstorm.

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