1 Year, 1 Month, 5 Days

Thankfully we had a wonderful return to normalcy today. Henry slept pretty well given the cough and stuffy nose he's battling. He woke up happy and eager to play (by himself!) and then enjoyed heading out to Brenda's. She said he had a great day, took normal naps and has gotten more aggressive pulling up on all kinds of things.

Brenda also told me that Henry has staked out the legos as his domain. When he first arrives in the morning, he heads straight for the lego bin and starts pulling up. They're the big blocks so he has a real go of it "building" things.

A new baby girl started with Ms. Brenda today 2 days a week. Henry wasn't quite sure what to make of another baby, especially one that was so much younger and more time consuming than he. She thinks he said "no" at one point while she was holding him, but hopefully he'll be able to adjust little by little since she's only their twice a week.

He seems to be doing okay staying up a little longer in the evenings which is great because it gives us a little more time as a family. We even had time for a walk in the neighborhood, and look forward to more as it gets warmer.

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Tabitha said...

Glad you're getting back to normal. I really enjoyed walking to your house from the car this week-end. I think it's a nice neighborhood.

Maybe sometime this summer we can walk to your favorite Mexican place. Although if JT keeps blowing us away with his awesome dishes from Everyday cooking, we won't need to!

Take care and I hope you guys are feeling better too. I may call you tonight if I get the girls to bed. I've finally got some good news!!