1 Year, 1 Month, 6 Days

Although JT reported he was doing it yesterday, today was the first time i saw Henry really crawling on his hands and knees for a reasonable distance. He seems to have gotten stronger in his shoulders and abdomen, because it doesn't look as taxing for him to stay in that position or transition back and forth from crawling to sitting. We're his most vocal supporters, but Henry seems to get a kick out of it himself.

He did really well this evening as we had an early evening meeting with our financial planner, during which time he tried to talk to him constantly. Josh asked me if we can understand him and i said "not a whit." But it's so clear he knows exactly what he's saying.

After that appointment we hustled into the car to go pick up a new kitchen table that i purchased off of craigslist. Not only is it very cute, but it goes well with the rest of the house and the renovated kitchen we have planned in our heads. We're looking forward to feeding Henry in the kitchen which should improve the speed with which i can deliver his meals-- key in the evenings.

Henry and i continue to trudge on through our colds, but hopefully we're both getting better. I'm off to bed to do my part.

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