1 Year, 2 Weeks, 2 Days

I know Friday is normally one of my days off, but JT is attending a birthday party for a friend and i thought i would make use of some of my time home alone to post some additional pictures of Henry and the house. Tonights' pictures are from Henry's room.

Also wanted to say that Henry seems to be finally getting the hang of this mobility thing. This morning he army crawled from the sunroom into the kitchen where i was getting his lunch ready. This evening he crawled across the living room to an outlet at which point, i promptly located the outlet plugs we bought ages ago, but hadn't gotten around to installing. I even saw him get up on his knees a few times and rock forward and back-- just once or twice but that is a completely new development.

Also today Henry came home from daycare clapping. I saw him doing it in the car while i was getting gas and thought it was a fluke but he did it this evening and when we started getting excited and clapping back, he got to where he couldn't stop clapping.

We're looking forward to our swimming class tomorrow and hope we didn't miss too much at our real first class.

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Anonymous said...

Your new house looks great!And our happy little fellow is enjoying life. Awesome! Oma