1 Year, 1 Month, 2 Weeks

I promised pictures and stories from our weekend, and so they begin.

On Saturday we went to Build-a-Bear workshop. Our friend had bought gift certificates for Henry and Samantha to pick out their very own stuffed animal, get it stuffed, and choose an outfit. Samantha (3.5) was obviously old enough to make an informed choice between the various bears, frog, cow, bunny etc, but even Henry seemed to make his preference clear. He was pretty fussy on our way to the mall and when we got there and started holding up various stuffed animals for him to peruse, he quickly latched on to the kitty and then began cuddling him and sucking his thumb. I showed him a few others and he pushed them away so a kitty it was.

While we were waiting in line for the kitty to be stuffed, we asked him what he wanted to name it. He looked straight at us and said something that we both interpreted as "Dan," and thus another great stuffed animal buddy was born.

After giving a wish to the his heart and putting it in along with the stuffing, Dan was ready for some duds. Again we gave Henry a few choices and he picked out quite an ensemble-- a fishing vest and waders, complete with fishing pole and shiny stuffed fish.

We're pretty sure Henry is teething again and possibly molars this time. He was drooling, fussy and threw up a little this weekend with a high fever. I gave him tylenol, sent him to bed early, and the next day he was fine. He's continued to gnaw on everything he can get his hands on and seems to focus on the back left hand side. I can't feel anything in there yet, but perhaps those teeth are coming next.

Here's a picture of Henry and Dan before Dan was dressed...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Dan, Welcome to the family. Henry is a great pal and you'll have lots of fun together!Love,Oma