32 Weeks

A pox has been visited upon our house. Unfortunately a virulent stomach bug seems to have claimed JT's dad and JT. I'm feeling a bit queasy but can't tell if it's sympathy stomach or the real thing. I'm trying to get to sleep but as i was able to sleep-in nice and late today the sandman hasn't arrived yet.

I think Henry is transitioning to two naps and that is partially to blame for some of his slightly strange behavior lately. Both Saturday and Sunday he took 2 naps that were longer than usual but went without his 3rd nap. Saturday he had about a 45 minute "quiet time" in his crib during his usual third nap timeframe. He didn't sleep but seemed pretty content. I tried the same thing today and it only lasted about 15 minutes, 10 of which i wouldn't describe as content. We'll see how he does with Brenda tomorrow. I'd be happy for the switch to 2 naps because i think it will lead to his naps being a bit more scheduled-- a boon to my planning needs.

Here's a wish that everyone reading this stays healthy and avoids all those nasties out there right now. Keep washing those hands!

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Tabitha said...

Oh, how happy he is!

I hope you guys don't get the stomach bug. I freaked out this AM b/c I started to feel a bit queasy this AM. But it passed and I HOPE it won't hit the rest of us.

I'm planning on disinfecting the excersaucer really good for you!