7 Months, 29 Days

Ella's mom usually picks her daughter up from Ms. Brenda's about the time i get Henry. Henry is generally smiley when i go to pick him up and today was no exception. When Ella's mom walked up she said "It's Happy Henry!" Seems he's taken on a nickname that we weren't aware of but that generally fits.

I was talking to Brenda about other things (namely that at daycare he actually moves around) and forgot to ask about his naps, but i'm guessing they were good because he was a barrel of monkeys this evening. He played contentedly on his stomach for about half and hour until it was time for dinner. I made him pasta with peas and a little lemon juice and he smiled and ate and smiled and ate and seemed to definitely dig the meal. I used a package of orzo that we've had kicking around for awhile. The "grains" are too small for self-feeding but they were the perfect size for him to eat off a spoon and not have any gagging issues with.

Normally his bath is a happy calm time but tonight he had all 4 limbs going, he was squirming in an excited way and was very into really checking everything out-- including what was behind him. Tonight was the first night i implemented my plan to read to him during bathtime as a way for us to get in stories during the weekdays.

In one short week we'll be traveling to see friends and family to celebrate Henry's first Christmas!


Anonymous said...

How delightful! Isn't it awesome that Henry has wonderfull, happy days at daycare and then a delightful evening at home with his best friends, mom and dad?! He knows he is very loved.

Colin said...

Can't wait to see you! We're starting an A&J countdown, ticking off the days before Henry's first dim sum experience! T-minus 10,9,8... See you soon!


ps... Did Phil tell you that Aidan learned how to use chopsticks when we went to A&J for his birthday? His technique leaves something to be desired, but he can grab some food with them and get most of it into his mouth! Sinead is still content to grab with her grubby little mitts, saving the chopsticks for more lethal pursuits. We'll make sure Henry's poor little eyes get nowhere near her and her eyeball skewers!