8 Months, 3 Days

Henry really hates his snowsuit/carseat combo. He fusses most days as i'm getting him situated (which it's hard to do with frozen hands and thick gloves). Today he flat-out cried almost the whole way to Ms. Brenda's. He seemed pretty tired and out of it when i dropped him off too. Brenda said he took his first nap right away, but overall did just fine.

He was playful as usual this evening. We're still working with him on laying on his stomach. I can't say he likes it any better and he's still not showing any interest in trying to crawl or get from point A to B. We'll mention it to the Ped. at Thursday's weight check, otherwise we'll just try to enjoy his non-mobile days while they last.

I posted all the 7 month pictures on yahoo. I'm out of new pictures so here's a signature i use on my message board!


Anonymous said...

Henry must be in a growth spurt with all the naps and more food. It's tough work growing and playing and interacting with the big kids and keeping mom and dad entertained!
And I can't wait to love on him! Oma

Tabitha said...

Hey Tamra,

I like the snowflakes on your signature pic. So cute.

Let me know how the appt. goes. I hope great!

We sure will miss ya'll!