8 Months, 4 Days

When JT was getting ready to feed Henry tonight he was walking over to his booster seat with the bowl of bananas and raspberries (yum, sounds like dessert to me)and as JT was approaching, steps away, Henry had his mouth open and arms and legs really going. It's so much fun to watch how he interacts differently with JT and I. Not that all he does is cuddle with me and rough-house with JT, but we certainly have our different styles and Henry responds to that.

We're off to the Pediatrician tomorrow. Here's hoping Henry has put on some weight in the last two weeks. I'll let you know.


Kathy said...

What a GREAT picture! I think Henry is very lucky to have 2 wonderful parents. Merry 1st Christmas you adorable little man.

Anonymous said...

Henry, We are all looking forward to your visit, having your smiling face light up our lives if only for a brief time. You and your parents are so very lucky to have each other. Gran