8 Months, Belated

Yesterday i heard Henry making noises signaling that he was waking up from his nap. When i went in to get him i found him flipped over on his back, turned around 90 degrees, and kicking his chirping birds with his foot. He seemed pretty proud of him.

Today he acted like he was catching up on some zzz's, but we didn't realize he was deficient. He took a 2 hour and 3 hour nap which worked out well because i was out most of the day running errands and seeing a movie with friends and JT was trying to get some work done at home.

When i picked Henry up from Ms. Brenda's on Friday i asked how old they are when they learn to hold their legs around you. Henry has a habit of just going slack and sliding down your body as you try to keep him on your hip. He doesn't seem to be using it as a nonviolent approach to escape-- he's just not much on helping you hold him. She said that he does a similar thing in his bouncy chair at daycare. There's a toybar in front of him and every time he sits in it he extends his leg over the toybar so it looks like he's kicking back-- fully relaxed. His Dad had a particular way of draping himself over furniture in high school, so perhaps it's genetic.

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Tabitha said...

Hey, Carys still doesn't "hold on" unless you ask her too ( and even sometimes not then) I think wrapping their legs around you is more of a learned behavior. But of course, I'm sure there's some kid out there who did it instinctively.

Hope you're well!