First Christmas

Henry's first Christmas has been a resounding success. We arrived in to town late Friday night. This was Henry's 7th airplane trip and although it was probably his fussiest (he no longer just falls asleep in my arms) at least we can keep distracting him from his tiredness through props and funny faces and noises. Once we got off the plane we sailed into Gran's waiting car (and new NOVA-based carseat) and off to granparents house we went! He went to sleep easily that night and has slept all night so far waking at the respectable hour of 8 each day.

Oma, Opa and Uncle Eric came over on Christmas Eve for an extended family buffet and Henry got to open several gifts. He had lots of fun with the paper and ribbons (as predicted) and was pretty in to his new books and the festivities. Then suddenly he was done and off to bed. Christmas morning he did so well. We took turns opening gifts for him (he even managed to pull some open himself) and he just couldn't be happier with the parade of gifts and clothes for himself and others. He made it all the way through post-gift stocking opening and then headed down for a nap. He's been napping like a champ while we're here-- Christmas is really taking it out of him.

This morning we got to meet a friend of mine and her 9 month old son Iain. She lives out by my folks so we conveniently met at the Starbucks close to both of us. It was fun to see the two babies that are so close in age, but very different in temperament and size. Iain is a really active, 21 lb baby. Very physical and into interacting physically with his environment. Henry was pretty content to just take everythig and everyone in for the first 10 minutes and then proceeded to coo, flirt and charm anyone within spying distance.

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Tabitha said...

That's great Tamra, I'm glad Henry had a great Christmas. I hope you and JT did as well. I remember the first flight that did not agree with Carys (or vice versa) it was pretty crappy. Plus all the strangers that knew exactly what was wrong with her and just had to share their opinions with me. Such fun:) Hopefully people kept pretty much to themselves unless they had something helpful to offer.

Still can't wait to see you guys and share a little Christmas spririt with Henry here.