8 Months, 2 Days Old

Either Henry is sleeping off a long night of partying or he's on some kind of growth spurt. After his monumental naps over the weekend, he took three full naps with Brenda today and was so exhausted when i went to pick him up that we skipped the bath and he went to bed as soon as possible after eating dinner.

He tried hummus for the first time tonight and seemed to like it; although it was a bit difficult to tell since he was spacing-out tired after just a few bites. We're trying to move him up to table food so the that he can enjoy some Dim Sum and Vietnamese Soup outings in DC while we're there.


Anonymous said...

I see a discussion going on-"who gets in first? Can you pull the flaps down?" Great picture! Or is this a hint that you are mailing them both for Christmas? Oma

White Trasherati said...

The cat's almost as cute as the baby. Tamra, we're just outside of D.C. - drop a line if you want a coffee while you're here!