7 Months, 19 Days

I tried to post last night and i believe the blogspot server was down because i never could access it. Of course i only tried up until about 7:45 when i took nighttime cold medicine and hit the sack. I'm concerned my cold (yes, still beating about) has worsened and turned into a sinus infection. I'm going to call my Dr. today to see if i can get an appt or an antibiotic prescription. I'm cautious not to overdue the antibiotics but all signs are pointing to an infection instead of just a cold.

After a day and night full of sleep, JT seems to have rebounded and JT's parents are on their way back home after a trip we all just want to put behind us. Luckily we'll see them again in a few short weeks and we'll keep our fingers crossed that they get to spend more quality time with Henry.

So Henry, he's just doing ducky. So far he's been spared the pox and just has his stuffy daycare nose. We've discovered he really hates his snowsuit but loves his little people house. Actually he's been pretty much obsessed with this house for a few weeks but i keep forgetting to tell you about it and post pictures. To be honest it's a dollhouse-- it's got a huge pink roof. I bought it on cragislist.org when Henry was really little without really thinking. It came with a million little people and some cars and other miscellaneous pieces. I had them up in his closet and figured it was something for when he's much older.

A few weeks ago, i got them out for the playgroup i hosted where i knew older kids would be around. Before i put it away i decided to see if Henry was interested. Bam! He's been playing with it since. Of course he's not making the little figures walk around and talk or anything but he scritches on the upper level, picks up the figures and eats them, beats them on the house, presses the buttons in the house that make noise (bringg, telephone for Henry!), etc. In short he loves this thing. In fact we've temporarily abandoned all his other toys because if he's done playing with the house, he's done playing.

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