8 Months, 5 Days

He gained weight! Yes, the news was good from the Dr's office today. Henry gained 10 oz in 14 days-- just ahead of the average rate of 1/2 oz per day (after 6 mos). The Ped. was pleased and said we averted the next level of medical concern which would have included extensive blood-work to figure out why he wasn't gaining weight. We're supposed to keep up the 8 oz. bottles and try to incorporate an additional 4th bottle during the day as he's often very tired by the time he takes his last nursing session just before bed.

As far as solids, he's moving right along. He had mozzarella cheese for the first time today and not only did he enjoy it, but he did pretty well picking up the small pieces and feeding himself. We're supposed to mix 2-3 tsp of oil into his food a day and go heavy on things like egg yolks, ricotta cheese, and other sources of protein. We don't go back until his 9 month check-up in a month.


Tabitha said...


I knew he would. He looks realy comfortable on his tummy too. He'll be enjoying his Christmas with family but keep him on the floor as much as possible!

Kathy said...

Way to go Henry(and mom and dad too)!!! Overriding the Bloch super svelte gene is a huge job (he can discuss this with cousin Bailey someday). Have the happiest of holidays and a wonderful visit with the grandparents. We Love You!

Anonymous said...

Good job Henry,Mom and Dad, It sounds as if Henry loves every bite of it, too. And as for floor-time, we're anticipating Henry and Coby keeping each other entertained over Christmas! Oma