7 Months, 24 Days

We've come to like our weekends fairly quiet, with enough visits with friends to keep us connected to those we care about. This weekend was one of those perfect balances of not being stuck inside, not going out too much.

Our very good friends came over this morning and we cooked breakfast together. We had quite the spread and Henry's sleep coincided nicely so he was awake and eating along with us (bananas and raspberries) and then played for awhile (on his stomach) before heading for a nap just as they were getting ready to leave.

Errands had to be run of course and i had to get packing for my trip. That's right, don't be offended if this is the first you've heard of it. I'm traveling for work and will return Wed night. I've been so focused on getting everyone scheduled to see over Christmas that i hadn't even given this trip another thought. I considered telling you all that i had decided just to be spontaneous and not plan but i wasn't sure i could get that by you.

It is momentous however, because it's the first time i've been away from Henry overnight since he was in the hospital for his stomach surgery when he was just shy of 2 months old. JT's been primed with information and i know he's looking forward to spending all the time with Henry. I won't have pictures for a few days but hopefully will have enough info to tell you something. I'm thinking that between feeling better and the hotel fitness center, i might actually start to workout again.

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