7 Months, 28 Days

What a fun evening we had! Henry had a good, normal day at Brenda's and then we came home and played in his room for awhile. He even lasted awhile on his stomach in his crib. He can stand on his own for a bit but only when leaning on something. I had him leaning on his toy table but his feet kept slipping out from beneath him. Later i sat him in front of the table and he was reaching up for things but didn't really seem interested in trying to pull himself up or anything.

He tried yogurt for the first time tonight and it was a big hit! I mixed it in with eggplant (Khyber Pass restaurant here we come!) and peaches and he really loved both. In a few more days i'm going to try pasta and see how that goes.

When we were visiting my paternal grandparents at Thanksgiving, my grandmother gave me a few of my father's baby items. Henry is sporting his cap in this picture.


Tabitha said...

I'm glad you had a great evening! I love the cap too.

Yogurt is a great thing for babies and you can try it with some mashed banana too. It's also really good for their little tummys.

We found that the bow-tie pasta and larger macaroni pasta and raviolis were the easiest pastas. OF course we tried the spaghetti and linguini etc. but they would end up gagging Carys b/c she did not know enough to bite them and if you cut them up small, they can be really frustrating for little fingers to grasp. Also remember too slightly overcook your pasta, al dente and little babies is not a good combo.

I'm sure you knew all of this but now that I'm a Mom, just had to throw in my 2 cents.

I'm up for khyber pass any time!!

lots of love to ya'll

Kathy said...

I'm loving the cap too! It reminds me of great-grandpa Mel. Henry you are beautiful!!!!!