7 Months, 15 Days

Another bonus to visiting family is that JT and i got to make use of some built-in babysitting. We attended something called "dollar store" which happens at an out of the way little bar the first friday of every month. The hosts pick out the wackiest items they can find at a dollar store, give them to local writers and comedians and then turn them loose on an audience. It's not improv really-- most things were pre- written, but it was cool to hear some local writers' work and to have a perspective different from the one we view from our couch.

Henry continued to be a bit off. Brenda said he was really miserable all day-- just gnawing away on everything and would only sleep for 30 minutes-- total. When he got home though he was just as social and happy as usual. He got fussy and tired a bit earlier and sacked out about 6:30 but so far he's had a solid night. He's running a low-grade temp like last night that i'm treating with tylenol but it's hard to think something is really wrong when he's so happy. We'll keep an eye on him tomorrow and hopefully he'll be able to make it to Thursday next week when we have a follow-up Dr. appt.

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