This is my first post from the road. I'm taking a quick break from meetings and just wanted to let everyone know that Henry's having a mixed time of it while i'm away. He slept just fine last night, but only after not napping again at all with Brenda on Monday.

I had sent her an email going though all the information our pediatrician gave us and some of the new things she needed to be doing with him, i.e. more time on his stomach. I also told her that his naps are not negotiable. I went through what we do at home and sent a lovey that he can use at daycare. Unfortunately this didn't seem to do the trick.

Today JT re-iterated that he needs to nap and that she can let him cry until he falls asleep. She seemed a little surprised by this so i'm thinking somehow we weren't clear in the past about this. Please keep your fingers crossed that he's sleeping there as i write this-- as it's naptime. I'm hoping JT has good news to report when i check in tonight.

Being away is odd and bad because i miss him intensely, but getting an uninterrupted nights sleep with no worry about being awoken by the cats or Henry was not too shabby. I'm hoping to make it to the gym after work today and then off to bed early again so that i can knock this cold out for good.

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Tabitha said...

Good luck Henry, please take your nap!

You too Tamra, you'll be home before you know it!