10 Months, 2 Weeks, 2 Days

Henry and Helen absorbed in their toys and Henry demonstrating his "strong" pointer finger...

Lots to catch everyone up on. The first thing is that Henry is sick-- actually sick with a fever. He's had basically one long cold since about October but other than being stuffy and having a cough that sounds terrible to us, you wouldn't really have known he was sick. He never acted any different. Starting on Friday though he just seemed a little off.

He was really, really fussy during the occupational therapist assessment. She was asking me all these questions about his temperament and then Henry would directly contradict me. I'd say he was really laid back and didn't object much when things were taken away from me. She'd try to transition him from one toy to another and he'd have a total-body freak out. I could tell he wasn't just irritated with the therapist though because when i picked him up to comfort him he was still fussy and didn't immediately smile and perk up like he does when he's well.

The OT said that he was right at the 9/10 month mark for using his hands and that in terms of his sensitivities to environment it was hard to tell since it seemed like he was having a bad day. From what we described though she thought he sounded right in the range of normal and just recommended that she re-assess him in 6 months. I was grateful for this. Not only because Henry is where he should be, but also because we don't have another medical appointment to schedule!

Saturday he slept a ton-- about 5 hours worth of naps. JT shopped and cooked all day for a surprise birthday party for our good friend Cullen. He thought he was going to friends' house for a regular dinner. Instead, 3 couples descended on his house for a surprise birthday dinner. We had the works from JT's new Mexican cookbook: 2 kinds of homemade salsa, soup with zucchini, mushrooms and chicken, lamb stew with tomatillas, beans and rice, swiss chard tacos with goat cheese, and some kind of chipotle meatballs. Everyone raved about the food.

Henry continued his general clinginess and fussiness. He was running a temp over there-- 100.3 so we gave him so motrin and got him to bed early. He seems to still be running a slight fever today so we cancelled plans to meet up with another mom and her baby, and are hoping that Henry will take some mondo naps again and start to feel better. The motrin definitely seems to help bring his fever down which helps him feel better, but he's just not his usual self.

Depending on how he feels, i may keep him home tomorrow.

One thing i keep forgetting to mention: the other night when Henry was playing in the bathtub with JT, he was lying on his back (which we do at the end of the bath to wash all the shampoo out of his hair without worrying about getting it into his eyes). He decided to roll over (there's just a scant amount of water in the tub) and happily played on his stomach with his bath toys while keeping his face out of the water.

I checked the swim class schedule and decided to hold off until April. The current one lasts from Feb to April and i just thing it's still too cold. Henry wasn't crazy about the pool the one time we went and i wonder if part of it is that it was cold out and a little uncomfortable for him. So, we'll plan on April when he'll be one!

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