11 months, 1 week, 1 day

We've had a busy but good weekend. 2 showings on Saturday and two more tomorrow. Hopefully there will be more activity this week and some real progress after some additional people see our place (at least we think it's amazing!) I believe Henry and JT are both better. JT's stomach has been a little touch and go, but today he ate more than toast and seems to be holding his own.

Henry had a mild crying jag last night but then took very good naps today and went to bed easily. Hopefully it will be a quiet night and we'll be off to a good start this week. He was quite amenable to being on his knees so we encouraged his 'crawling' every chance we got. He babbles frequently now, it really sounds like his own language, because the cadence is up and down with different intonations. It's especially cute when he gets a hold of a book because sometimes he'll sit there and turn the pages and "read" out loud. That gets me every time.

Otherwise we spent a lot of time planning for the new house-- what we want to plant in the garden, what improvements we want to make and what we think we need to buy. We're really excited about the place and looking forward to getting settled in about a month.

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Anonymous said...

It all sounds awesome! Can't wait to be there (after things get a bit settled.- I sound like an Oma...Take care