11 Months, 1 week, 5 days

Henry had quite a language-filled day. He's been saying "mamamamama" for awhile when he's referring to me, but this morning when he got into bed with us he said "mama" while pointing at me. When i picked him up this afternoon Brenda said she thought he was saying "yeah!" When the kids get something right they all say "yeah!" and throw their hands up in the air. They were positive Henry was following along. When they tried to test him he just smiled at them but a few beats later he said "yeah!" again. We'll have to keep an eye for that one...

I didn't post last night because i went out with friends and then when i got home we had an offer submitted on our place. It was fairly low and when we countered the couple decided to just revisit it when one of them gets back from a trip in a few days. We're hoping that was the right decision to make but we have another showing tomorrow and 2 on Saturday (including one that's a repeat showing) so it seems like there's still some interest.

Things are moving forward with the house we're buying. The contract was finalized today and our final mortgage approval also came through.

Here's Henry working on his 4-point position.

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Tabitha said...

It took me a minute since I did not read your last sentence b/c I NEVER see papers on your floor.

Pretty good distraction for the excercises. Helen's a big paper eater I'm not sure if Henry is but he sure looks interested in something off the picture.