11 Months, 5 Days

Brenda and the rest of the crew rejoiced to see Henry today. Brenda said that her sister was begging her to call over and find out how Henry was doing and when he'd be back. I think sending him was the best decision. She said he had a great day, took two good naps, and was all fine in the stomach department-- even took his soy formula. I'm hoping that it helped wear him out and he'll sleep well tonight.

Since he's been sick he's been waking up more at night and we've been tending to him. He's sick afterall and you can't let a sick baby cry. Well as Brenda said "room service!" now he's hooked. Of course it could be that, or hunger pains (he's just gotten back on his eating game), or the separation anxiety he seems to have developed while he was sick. Whatever the cause he's back to protesting again when we put him down and last night he was up off and on for almost two hours crying, screaming, sobbing, before finally going back to sleep. The fury unleashed last night at 10 so we're T-minus 10 minutes right now.

As Henry is better, JT is now sick. He spent the day firmly in bed. We just hope he makes quicker progress than Henry. At least it's easier to understand what he needs.

The photographer and layout sketcher came to our place today. Our Realtor thinks he'll have all the marketing materials ready to send out to folks by the end of the week. He can track how many times the listing is emailed out to folks through the MLS system Realtors use and how many times someone marked the property as "interested" since yesterday afternoon our property has been emailed 268 times and marked as "interested" 17 times. It would be amazing if some of those turned into the right buyer.

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Anonymous said...

Well, I'm glad Henry is feeling better,but sad for JT now. This is a tough time of year! Sounds like the condo selling is going pretty well already. Wish I had a few customers interested in Chicago. The pic of H. is beautiful-especially enlarged! You stay well! Hugs, Sheree