10 Months, 2 Weeks 3 Days

I did keep Henry home with me and i think his health is back to normal. It seems like his personality has changed a bit during the ordeal though. He's definitely more demanding and doesn't hesitate to tell you when he wants something and can't get it or isn't liking the way things are going. Of course what makes it difficult is that he can't really tell you what he does want so it's just a bit frustrating.

He took three naps today and although he woke up at 4 from the last one, he was having no part of going to bed tonight. We let him get up for a bit but then it was clear he just didn't want to go to sleep even though he was clearly tired. So, we all had to endure some very angry crying for a bit. He's asleep now though and hopefully will stay that way.

He did start using his hands in new ways today. He waved purposefully at me and the kitties today. When i would wave at him he would wave back. He did this pretty consistently all day. He made the sign for milk (by squeezing his fingers like milking a cow) and for Dad although i don't think he did either one intentionally. He hasn't used his hands that way before though so i just tried to reinforce what he was doing and that i thought he was communicating with me. It was cool with the waving though, because everytime i would wave back he would get this huge smile on his face.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad Henry feels better-are you,too,Tamra? That is so cool about his waving. He will really start doing a lot more now that he has discovered waving! How fun! How are those teeth? Enjoy! Sheree