11 Months, 1 week, 1 day

Henry had his massage therapy session with the developmental therapist this morning. It actually went better than i expected. Henry was a wriggly worm but the therapist brought a doll so that i could practice when Henry didn't really want to participate anymore. However, much of the time Henry did not want to relinquish the doll. He couldn't get enough of pounding on it's head, gouging out it's eyes and trying to eat it's nose. I'm definitely buying him a baby for his birthday. He really did love having something that seemed about his size that he could manhandle.

We had another showing of our place this evening. I had planned to take H out on a walk but it was raining so i put him in the car and drove about a block. He was making it clear he didn't want to be in the car so i parked and let him play in the back-seat while we waited for them to finish looking at it. Our Realtor said that it was a great showing and the person was really interested and is planning to come back for a second showing this weekend. I didn't get many details on why she was waiting that long but she supposedly seemed very excited about the space, which was encouraging.

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Very Cool!!! And i love the picture!!!Have a good day. Love sheree