10 Months, 3 Weeks 4 Days

Henry was a trooper today. He spent a little longer at Brenda's than usual because we had to drop him off early in order to get to the home inspection by 8. It was fun winding around our new neighborhood and seeing just how much new development is going on there. Everyone we've talked to has said that just the land alone made the house a good deal.

This being an old house there were things that the inspector found but only 2 main issues that we will need to take care of quickly and that aren't "minor." Our realtor was going back to the sellers to see about a credit for these things. I guess they could completely balk, but we're hopeful they'll be willing to work with us at least a little bit.

One more thing about me and then I'll give you some Henry news. I went to see the Chinese acupuncture/Herbalist guy today and there's quite a few things he identified that i can do to try to help keep my immune system strong. One of them is to eat red meat. I never thought it would take going to an Eastern Practitioner to get a red meat prescription, but he surmised that my iron stores are low (which based on the history i was giving actually lines up with past medical experiences) and we talked about how difficult it is to get enough iron from non-meat sources. He also mentioned how after being pregnant and extended nursing, my iron stores were potentially low. So, we'll see. I didn't rush out for a roast-beef sandwich. But i did say that i was willing to try some different things to bolster my healthy/sick days ratio.

Henry was in a super-good mood tonight and for at least a little while was totally fine with me keeping him on his knees while he played with his toys. He was even rocking back and forth on his knees as well (only while i held him though, if left to his own devices he'll flatten out on his stomach). I also wanted to mention that he's developing a little tiny freckle on his left thigh. Other than the birthmark at the top of his leg this is the first mark on his lily-white skin!

Thanks to Tabitha i found out that there are extensive pictures and a "virtualtour" of our place online. I believe you can access it here if then you click on the "virtual tour" link.

If that direct link doesn't work you can always visit the Realtor site and enter MLS#06063297

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