10 Months, 3 Weeks, 5 Days

Poor little Henry is sick. Brenda called us to come get him from daycare today because he threw up there. He came home and seemed just fine so we went ahead with his PT appointment. He actually had a really good appointment, and the therapist was impressed with the progress he had made. His neck is stretched out now so we don't have to do the dreaded neck stretch anymore.

He was pretty tolerant of getting on all fours and even managed to rock back and forth which the therapist said was definitely a precursor to crawling. He started pointing at things yesterday and was exercising that skill fully during his therapy appointment. Near the end of the appointment he was getting really tired and clearly decided he was done by waving "bye-bye" at the therapist.

Our friend Phil is visiting from DC so we went out to dinner with other friends. Henry was really excited to eat but then shortly afterwards threw up all over my black sweater. We got cleaned up as best as possible, finished dinner, and headed home. Henry took some more pedialyte and then went straight to bed. Hopefully he'll sleep all night and feel better in the morning. We're planning to call the Pediatrician in the morning to make sure we don't need to bring him in.

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