10 Months, 2 Weeks, 4 Days

Brenda definitely missed Henry and she said he had a wonderful day today. She almost cried when he waved bye-bye to her this afternoon. He's not 100% consistent with the waving-- for some reason he won't wave to JT- but he does it more often than not if you ask him or wave at him yourself.

He's also doing this hand-thing a lot where he puts his hand on his forehead. I can't really figure out what it means so i just say "Dad" and do the somewhat similar sign for father back to him.

We had a reasonable day today-- highs in the low 40s, so i walked up to Brenda's and Henry and i walked home in the stroller. As you know i've been sick for a half-life and now that i think i'm finally feeling better, i decided i should ease back into exercising. Walking up there was just the right thing-- some fresh air and lots of traffic for Henry to get excited about.

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