10 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days

We've had a pretty eventful weekend. For once we're all well (i'm sure i'll pay for that soon enough) and the weather was quite warm. I hadn't mentioned it, but we started looking around at single-family homes last week and had the good fortune to find a couple that we liked-- one we liked well enough to put an offer in on. The people selling are a young couple and it seems they were partial to a young couple buying the house from them. It's an old house with "vintage" charm on the bottom floor and a completely re-done upstairs master suite. It's on a an oversized Chicago lot which means it's a bit wider than the normal places. We've heard verbally that our offer has been accepted but nothing is in writing, so who knows for sure what will happen.

Of course that this means we're throw into a tizzy of activity because our house is going to have to be listed for sale tomorrow or the day after. Luckily we don't have much to do to get ready, but simply getting everything picked up and put away after the busy weekend is going to take some doing tonight.

I think Henry helped seal the (pending) deal. He absolutely charmed everyone that met him, especially the realtor for the house we'd like to buy. He went out with us on two house shopping occasions and surprised even his parents with his amazing good nature. Generally he hates getting in and out of the carseat, but over the past few days he was still cheery when even i was getting antsy.

The warm weather allowed us to get to the park for the first time since the fall and Henry continued to enjoy the swing. He even made some new friends while we were there. He also kept us company when we decided to go out to dinner last night (just the three of us). We went to a middle eastern place and Henry shocked us by eating everything on his own that we put in front of him. This morning we sealed the deal with a trip to JT's favorite Chicago dim sum restaurant.

I was trying to find a good picture of Henry in the new house (!) but those stars didn't align. So, here's a picture of the dining and living room. I'll show you some more soon. Got to go take the plastic off our windows and fold laundry!

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Tabitha said...

It's beautiful Tamra! Congratulations. I love the color too.