15 Months, 2 Weeks, 2 Days

We spent time in the backyard again after getting home from Brenda's. The pool had warmed up but not enough to meet Henry's expectations because he still mainly refused to sit in the pool unless he was sitting on my lap. He was happy as a clam to stand holding on to Dad's knee and repeatedly reach down in the water for toys we dropped for him.

Thunderstorms have moved in and are supposed to be bringing some relief from all the high temperatures. Right now it's just really steamy, but hopefully by morning it will have cooled back down to reasonable.

We're so excited that Henry seems to have ended his hunger strike. For awhile there (several weeks) he just didn't eat much of anything, at almost every meal. A bite here, a nibble there and that was it, the rest when on the ground. I would offer him food at snacks as well and he just wasn't very interested so i figured he wasn't starving. We discovered he loves blueberries over the weekend so last night for dinner he had macaroni and cheese, blueberries and peas and he ate all that i prepared for him (well, there were some peas left over). He seems to have repeated this at all meals and Brenda said he was doing better too.

Now we have 2 weeks for him to catch back up before the big 15-month weigh-in happens !

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