15 Months, 2 Weeks, 6 Days

We had a full weekend and Henry was plum-tuckered by this evening. Last night we went to a good friends' house and JT got to live vicariously through their kitchen by whipping up a feast for all of us. Henry got to play with his pals Helen and Carys and went to bed peacefully in the guest room in his pack-n-play.

It's always so funny when we wake him for the drive back to our house. I've watched other families go through this when we have people over to our house and the kids are either barely awake or completely asleep as they are transferred to the car-seat and then back into bed at home.

Not Henry. Once he's awake he stays awake as until we get home. He's usually subdued in the car but wide-eyed and sometimes making funny noises. As soon as we get home we put him in his crib and he slips back to sleep without a problem. The routine seems to work for him at least.

This morning we met friends for brunch and got to meet their new 3-month old little boy. They have a 2-year old so we formed quite the brunch bunch but actually managed to get in a fair amount of adult conversation.

After Henry's one nap of the day (strange schedule today!) we went to Home Depot to pick out grout and drawer pulls and become perplexed in the paint aisle again. They laid about half the tile floor today and i think are going to finish it tomorrow or Tuesday, at which point the refrigerator and dishwasher will be permanently installed. Then i believe they'll be gone for the rest of the week finishing their other kitchen. When they come back to us, they'll finish the kitchen once the countertop is installed and then start the bathroom.

Here's Henry's wonderful do after he styled it himself after his bath.


Kathy said...
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Kathy said...

Love the hair! Perhaps we have a budding Jonathan in the family????