16 Months, 1 Week, 4 Days

We just had the most wonderfully relaxed evening i think i could ever hope for. It was such a Norman Rockwell picture that i can't help wondering what upheavals tomorrow will bring.

It rained all day, so i picked JT and Henry up after work and we all came home together. In the last few days, Henry has developed more of an independent streak. Not in a willful-way, just in the sense that he's happy going from one room to another playing with his toys (actual or re-purposed).

Soon after we got home JT started working on getting the pizza dough made. I needed to get the laundry put away and things picked up, etc. Henry was incredibly happy to just play in the kitchen or his playroom and occasionally check in with one of us. He ate dinner and although his appetite seems to have waned a bit, was just in the best mood.

Brenda told me when i picked Henry up that he "was walking all over the place" today. I had a million questions, but she confirmed that he was walking unassisted-- primarily to move Mia from HIS kitchen. I was so excited to hear it but when i tried to get him to walk at home he seemed less than interested.

After dinner though, he was in his room holding on to his rocking chair and i could tell he wanted to go over to his bookshelf. I was about midway between the two and i asked Henry if he wanted to walk to his books. He just started out on his own and i was no closer than 2-3 feet. He walked about halfway and stood for a second and then made it the rest of the way without any help from me! I couldn't believe it. This has to go down as Henry's first true steps.

He played some more and then we started his nighttime routine which now includes a lot of books-- he's gotten really into them lately. He went to sleep without a peep and JT and i were left to enjoy our dinner. Truly i couldn't ask for more from family life.


Kathy said...

Way to go Henry!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Hooray for Henry! Thanks for the news and for the wonderfully upbeat post. We have huge news here too: Aidan's first day of Pre-K was today!

Photo evidence here:

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Tabitha said...

Congrats lil'Henry!! (and Mama and Papa!)