15 Months, 3 Weeks, 6 Days

Thankfully we seem to have passed our first phase of not being able to eat out. For about 2 weeks Henry was just dreadful when we went out. Antsy, lots of shrieking and eating nothing. He still tends to pick at his food, but thankfully has regained his good humor. I don't know if the signing has helped eliminate some of his frustration or not, but he's very good at letting you know when he's hungry or wants more of something. We're working on some more sophisticated signs like "cracker" and "please," but for now, eat is better than nothing!

Henry has been saying a new word lately which sounds a lot like "avi." He says it all the time throughout the day and i think it's actually probably incorrect to say it's a word, because he seems to use it to mean much more than one thing or desire. I just wish i knew where it came from or what it means to him, because we hear it literally all day long.

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