15 Months, 2 Weeks, 1 Day

The lull in posting and pictures are due to the heat. Did i mention it's hot? Yesterday and today were both right around 100 and tomorrow it's supposed to be a very cool 96.

Although they got the cabinets up and we can start putting things away it was just too hot to face last night (we stayed hunkered in the air conditioning part of the house) and tonight i got the mugs put away and that was the end of that.

We did come home and fill-up Henry's little pool with water to play it after i picked him up from Brenda's. With water straight from the hose it was definitely cold, but really refreshing. Henry didn't exactly think so. He would stand in the water and reach down and splash his hands but refused to sit in the water. I even brought out his baby float and he wouldn't sit in it either. We're leaving it out until at least tomorrow so it should warm up a bit. Perhaps tomorrow he'll be swimming like a duck in it.

Some of you may remember that i had decided to start using signs with Henry really early on (i think around 4 mos). Well Henry never really seemed to catch on and i'm sure i wasn't as good at always using them, because he didn't seem to ever want to use them. As we started having more temper tantrums though, i decided i would re-invigorate the signing now that i know he's capable. I bought a video called Baby Signing Time and we've been watching a segment each day. It's the only time i've ever sat down and shown him something on tv and it's pretty funny to watch. The segments we've been watching focus on eating/drinking signs, more, and all finished. He's actually been signing milk and all finished for awhile but it took some time before we were sure he really meant what he was saying. Now when you say milk he signs milk and gets upset if you don't follow with MILK.

Tonight we came in from the pool and i needed to change his swim diaper before feeding him dinner. He got so upset when i layed him on the changing table. I told him that i just needed to get him out of his wet clothes and then i would give him milk and we would eat. He signed both of those back to me and calmed right down.

So, we have every plan to keep working through these signing videos to see if there are more that can make everyone's life easier!


Anonymous said...

Tamra, that is so cool about the signing! Henry truely comprehends it and uses it with you- I am so impressed! Are your colds both better? Hope so! Love you, Sheree

Tabitha said...

Hey I KNOW it's HOT!!!

I'm glad the signs are easing the communication gap. I need to sit down with Helen and do the video.

How are you? I've been busy at work so I have not written. Your kitchen looks good.

Hugs and kisses to little H