15 Months, 2 Weeks, 4 Days

Henry seems to really be catching on to the sign-language. I talked to Brenda about it and i think she started using it with the kids as well. Henry signed eat to me without my prompting it and also signed sleep, milk and more. It's so cool that we finally broke through with him. I'm excited for him to learn the signs for some animals because he loves animals and seems to talk excitedly all about them when he sees dogs, cats, birds, squirrels, you name it. Now at least i'll know that's what he's really focused on.

It's really cool to see how much spoken language he understands as well. He's understood the idea of bouncing for awhile but it's becoming one of his favorite things. When he's on the bed, if you ask him to bounce he will, and he gets extremely happy.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah Henry, Now you can sign "Go Yankees" when you see them play. Ha Ha! Love, Gran