15 Months, 4 Weeks, 1 Day

Henry entered an insistent phase with his signs today. He mostly uses eat and more and milk if you mention it or he sees a cup laying around. Tonight as soon as we got home he started signing eat. I tried to put him off a bit because it's hard to tell if he's really hungry, or if he's just excited to be able to communicate. After playing for a bit he was still signing eat pretty pointedly, so i got him a stick of string cheese and a cup of water. We headed out to the backyard while he sat and ate and played while i did some weeding.

Everything was fine while he had his snack, but once it was finished he started signing eat and more over and over again. I kept telling him that we would eat dinner later but that he had just finished his snack-- no luck. So, i packed up the garden tools and we headed inside where he ate about 5 crackers (mind you dinner is in about 30 minutes). He seemed temporarily satisfied, so we went outside and he walked back and forth in front of our house with the walker. He did so well and seemed pretty excited that he was propelling himself outside! I'm trying everything i can to encourage him to walk because i think he's just pretty complacent with crawling.

After 10 minutes or so of walking and hanging around outside Henry started signing eat again so we went in and played a bit more. At 6 on the dot he crawled to the kitchen, pulled up on his chair and started signing eat ferociously. So much for putting dinner off a little. Of course once there it's not like he's so hungry he'll eat whatever you give him. He pretty much rejected the chicken i gave him but went crazy for the corn and hummus. We have his Dr. appointment tomorrow so i'm so curious to see how much he weighs now.

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