15 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days

I know this is a little late to really count as my headline but i've been out of my normal posting groove so i thought i would jump back with a mid-day missive.

Last night was very busy, because we went downtown and met JT after work, and then walked along the river to look at the Tall Shipsthat are here in Chicago. We had a nice walk although Henry was non-plussed by the ships. We got on the subway, grabbed the car and headed home. Henry had been a little lethargic while we were out but he perked up after dinner and played happily while i went to get some dinner and some food to have around the house (can i tell you how SICK i am of anything that goes in the microwave!). Then our friends came over to hang out and have a drink. It was a little past my bedtime when i did get to sleep and today has been so overcast that i'm not sure i ever actually woke up.

Our kitchen is currently on hiatus while we wait for the counter-tops to be installed next Friday and our contractors to finish their other kitchen. It's definitely taking longer than we had hoped but when i think once they're back things will go fairly quickly to finish the rest of the kitchen and then do the bathroom. I really hope by the end of August the kitchen is done and then maybe the first week of September, the bathroom is as well. To be able to cook again!

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