15 Months, 4 Weeks

Although i feel like we haven't made much forward momentum in the walking department for a week or two, Henry is accumulating fun new little skills. When we got home this evening he was speaking in paragraphs-- not just his normal sentences. They were all still gibberish but they're definitely getting longer and more complicated. I can't wait until we decide what it all means.

He is also quite a pro with his clothes. If you take his arms out of his shirt sleeves, he'll pull it over his head no problem; pull down his pants and he'll daintily step out of them, first one foot and then another.

I think we might be witnessing the next iteration of telling him no. At our most recent stage you told him no and he cocked an eyebrow, smiled and proceeded willfully to do what you had just told him not to. When i told him no forcefully tonight, he burst out in tears and threw himself on the floor in full tantrum style. So, at least he gets it!


Anonymous said...

Awwww,even his tantrums sound cute. It does sound like he gets it! Way to go, H! Love Oma

Anonymous said...

Looks like Henry has selected his work shirt for the task at hand. Now he needs some overalls and work gloves. Love, Gran