16 Months, 6 Days

Okay, slightly late. JT wasn't feeling well and went to bed early. I hated to wake him up with key clacking so i postponed this post until this morning.

Henry's day started out fairly terribly. We had his therapy appointment went his new therapist. I think in the long-run she's going to be better than our most recent therapist because she pushes him more. But, she didn't do a whole lot to acclimate him to her as a new person and immediately jumped in with stuff he didn't want to do. The result-- almost a full hour of meltdown. By the last 5 minutes she did get him to stand on his own and take a few steps-- i would have said 4-5 she said 7. I had told her he could do these things but i think she was not believing me, because he wouldn't even stand up. It was absolutely terrible. She did tell me to get away from the walker and even his elephant push toy. We're to try and get him to walk holding two small toys-- one in each hand. We keep our hands hovering near his hip bones so he has some security. She said we'd need to work through some of the fight he's putting up so that we can get him over this hump.

I was dreading it. Then last evening i gave him two of his little farm animals he likes to play with and he walked a fur piece. It was far enough that i couldn't count steps-- from the wall to the bed which is about 10 feet or so. He did it again this morning. Granted he walks like Frankenstein with his arms held straight out in front of him but he's walking and so happy with himself. I told Brenda about it and she's going to work with him as well. Hopefully this is a bit of a breakthrough.

Brenda said that Henry started telling her when his diaper needs to be changed. I asked her how he does that and she said he points at his diaper repeatedly and then starts trying to take it off when it's dirty. I've been working on the sign for diaper which looks like pulling the tabs off on the sides of your hips, so maybe this is his interpretation. I take it as a good sign, because it's the first step towards being able to potty train. Not much point if he can't even tell or doesn't care when he needs to be changed!

They are painting the kitchen today so i'll post pictures tonight. It should look just about done in the pictures-- tomorrow is just for all the little finish stuff.


Anonymous said...

Cool Henry! We are proud of you, too! Tamra, if and when you have an hour I can tell you how I potty trained 5 kids-3 of them boys. It was a breeze for all of us! Have a fun day, Sheree

Anonymous said...

Wow, way to go Henry! Well, good thing you got the kitchen redone before Henry starting walking. Now he would have been in there helping them out. Good job you guys, he is doing great! Love, Gran