16 Months, 1 Week, 3 Days

I've been really working with Henry on signing since he turned 15 months old, because it seemed like he hit a phase where he was frustrated because he couldn't communicate what he wanted. I decided to make a concerted effort starting with consistently using a few signs-- more, milk, and eat and by showing him a very short video segment every day or so. It really didn't take long for him to catch on to those first few signs. Since then (a few weeks) he's had this mini-explosion.

Yesterday he heard an airplane and did the sign for it-- which is one i do but didn't expect him to really pick up on. He also finally started signing please. He added these to his signs for dog, bird, diaper, water, and all-finished. It's so exciting to really be communicating with him and we hope to keep expanding his vocabulary.

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