16 Months, 3 Days

We've had a fun weekend catching up with a friend from DC before he moves out to California. Henry was 3 months old the last time he saw Ben, so they've had some catching up to do. We all headed over to friends house for a BBQ on Saturday and then after Henry and dad went home for a boys' night, I got to stay out to play poker with the adults. I only lost 40 cents so it wasn't too shabby for me. Today we took advantage of the absolutely beautiful weather and headed out to the Lake. Henry was really happy to sit on the blanket with the rest of us eating strawberries and chips and playing with empty cups-- really there is no better way to pass an afternoon.

Henry walked a couple times with his "Push Along Happy Elephant" toy. It's not a walker, but a popcorn popper-type toy. There's no stability to it at all, just something akin to Dumbo's feather. He's gotten more brave about standing on his own as well and figured out how to get DOWN the stairs after mastering going up several weeks ago. Unfortunately, he also suffered his first real injury. He put his hand on an envelope as he started to crawl and his hand slid out from under him. He bruised his chin pretty badly, and i know it really hurt, which makes me feel terrible everytime i look at it.

We were completely excited to have both our countertops and sinks installed on Friday. The countertop installation went smoothly and our contractors finished with their other job a day early and were here to supervise the counter installation and get back to work on the kitchen. I think i finally picked a winner for paint and we decided to select some tile for a backsplash so hopefully we're pretty much done making decisions on the kitchen. I'll take pictures soon.

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Anonymous said...

What a pleasant sounding weekend. Glad the weather is good, too! Sheree