Hiatus ended...

Sorry for the prolonged hiatus. I hadn't planned to not post much of anything while i was gone. I optimistically brought along my photo drive so that i could post and load photos daily. Somehow that didn't happen, and instead we had a nice long vacation. In fact it was a day longer than planned as we were unable to get back to Chicago yesterday afternoon and wound up taking an early flight this morning.

We're home and trying to get things in order so we can all get back into our work routines tomorrow morning. Of course i'll be making up for all the pictures i haven't posted this past week and catching you up on Henry and his new accomplishments.

After my last trip with Henry i waxed poetic about travel with a baby and how it was the intangibles rather than the packing that had proved difficult. This trip turned that essay on its head. Heading out we were packed so lightly that we walked to pick up Henry at daycare and hopped on the subway to the airport. Coming home we had to get JT and all the bags situated in a cab and then Henry and i took the El (we didn't bring a carseat). You'll see dramatic pictures over the next several days, but suffice to say we all (especially Henry) made out quite well this Christmas.

The intangibles (which for us means sleep) went pitch perfect. Henry slept 12 hours at night (usually without a peep) and took 2 1.5-2 hour naps a day. He was on a really predictable schedule too, which made coordinating with friends that much easier.

Henry spent a lot of time playing on his stomach and seems to have finally gotten to a point that he doesn't mind it so much. He's also started to move quite a bit more. He's not up on all fours and rocking yet, but he pushes himself backwards and turns himself around pretty well now. He's also been trying to get his legs underneath his body by hitching one leg up to his side. Today i saw him move rather gracefully from a sitting to a belly-lying position. I think this is important for two reasons: he can get out of a sitting position by a method other than just falling forward on his face and, he actually wants to leave the sitting position and get to his belly. He got gobs of great toys that i think help keep him entertained.

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jem_78 said...

We've only been on two trips with G, and the more recent one was tough. We brought a ton of his stuff, and he was happiest with an empty water bottle. He wasn't too fond of sleeping in the hotel crib, either. We bought a nifty pop up tent crib thingy, and hopefully we can ease him into that at home and sleep will be better on the next trip. Your blog here has let me know it's possible! :-)